Photographs 2012 -- the Present


1These galleries illustrate how my vision, and my concept of photography, changes and evolves. They are: Landscapes, Kitchen Art Portfolio, These Remain, Other Sights, Making the Familiar Strange.

Landscapes The natural world as I see it–in Iceland, New England, the Southwest, Cape Cod, a barnyard at breakfast

Kitchen Art Portfolio  I’m not the first to be beguiled  by the luster of old, much used pewter.

These Remain  combine some nature photographs stylized and layered with remnants of my personal past—the treasures and historical markers that my family carried with them on their odyssey out of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. In making these combinations, I attempt to illustrate, and underscore, the incongruities and juxtapositions of my own history

Other Sights   Many merge  two or more images. They are layered, non-figurative photographs

Making the Familiar Strange   happens when you look at something very closely